• Practice Dentoforms
    Practice Dentoforms

    Dentoforms are used to train students by simulating conditions they will encounter in practice.

  • Mirror & Periodontal Probe
    Mirror & Periodontal Probe

    Students use a Mirror and Periodontal Probe for disease assessment.

  • Infection Control
    Infection Control

    Students learn to use Dental Dam to reduce contamination during procedures.

  • Instruments

    DATC Students learn Instruments in order to effectively assist the Dentist when chairside assisting.

  • Radiographs

    Students learn to take Radiographs that are consistent in order to help the Dentist with diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • CPR

    As part of the DATC Dental Assistant I Program, Students become American Red Cross Certified in CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers.

  • Dental Office Operatory
    Dental Office Operatory

    Students learn about the Dental Operatory Set-up, Infection Control using Barriers and about the Dental Unit.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    As part of the OSHA and Infection Control, Students learn about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for them and for the patient.  Using barriers and wearing the proper protective items keeps everyone safe.

  • Impressions

    Students learn how to make good first impressions, In and Out of the operatory.

  • Curing Light
    Curing Light

    DATC Students learn how to use and what procedures require Curing Lights.

  • Dental Specialities
    Dental Specialities

    DATC Students learn from local area dental specialists.


DATC Session 10 | Almost There!

Mid-Term Exam passed and 5 more classes – Almost There!

We survived our Mid-Term Exam and a week of learning about Pathology, Pediatric Dentistry, taking Impressions on each other and making models as well as assisting on a restorative procedure with a LIVE PATIENT.  May 31st will be here before we know it, but we still have much to do before we can graduate. Coming up are Modules VIII and IX which is where we will learn about Radiology and how to take the different types of Radiographs needed in a Dental Office.  This part of the 12 Saturday Program has state requirements that we must meet as well.  This Saturday, April 19th we get a Holiday break, but there is still studying and homework to be done regardless. 

In the end, with all the knowledge we have gained, we will achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a DA I.  We each we will continue to be quizzed and graded on our Competencies for each Moduleand all the Instruments & Equipment that have been introduced as well.  This is done to insure we understand what is being taught and can apply it to a real situation.  No matter what the situation they make sure we are ready for it. 

We all continue to do Rotations (Shadowing) at the many approved General & Specialty Dentists that are willing to share their knowledge so the DATC Students can get some hands-on experience.  Seeing and experiencing first hand a procedure with a Periodontist, Endodontist or even a Pediatric Dentist is such a true value.  It helps us get to know the professionals in our area, which can also assist us in job placement.

When you first hear 12 Saturday Sessions, it doesn’t sound intimidating, but when you think about it, in 12 – 8 hour Saturday’s you will learn, practice and be tested on all you need to know in order to go out and be a Dental Assistant I, you realize then that it’s intense.  Yes it sounds like a A LOT, but We've Got This and we are Almost There and on May 31, 2014 we will become Dental Assistant I’s and be ready to start a new career in Dentistry. 

Are you interested in becoming a DA I and starting a new career in dentistry?  Fill out your Application for Admission located on our website and get started today, what are you waiting for?  It's never too late, Orientation for Session 11 is at 6pm on Thursday, August 21st, 2014.  Class size is limited and spaces are filling up fast.  Visit us at www.DATCinc.com .  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and check in with us on Foursquare when you sign up today. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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