• Practice Dentoforms
    Practice Dentoforms

    Dentoforms are used to train students by simulating conditions they will encounter in practice.

  • Mirror & Periodontal Probe
    Mirror & Periodontal Probe

    Students use a Mirror and Periodontal Probe for disease assessment.

  • Infection Control
    Infection Control

    Students learn to use Dental Dam to reduce contamination during procedures.

  • Instruments

    DATC Students learn Instruments in order to effectively assist the Dentist when chairside assisting.

  • Radiographs

    Students learn to take Radiographs that are consistent in order to help the Dentist with diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • CPR

    As part of the DATC Dental Assistant I Program, Students become American Red Cross Certified in CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers.

  • Dental Office Operatory
    Dental Office Operatory

    Students learn about the Dental Operatory Set-up, Infection Control using Barriers and about the Dental Unit.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    As part of the OSHA and Infection Control, Students learn about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for them and for the patient.  Using barriers and wearing the proper protective items keeps everyone safe.

  • Impressions

    Students learn how to make good first impressions, In and Out of the operatory.

  • Curing Light
    Curing Light

    DATC Students learn how to use and what procedures require Curing Lights.

  • Dental Specialities
    Dental Specialities

    DATC Students learn from local area dental specialists.

Job Information


DATC, Inc. is receiving emails and calls weekly regarding references for recent graduates!
The program wishes to remind graduates that you must apply for a job to be considered for a job.
Get out there while the skills are fresh.





Congratulations to DATC graduates who are working as DA I (& Some who have achieved DA II Status) in local offices:

Heather Y. (DATC I) -- Dr. Mallik in Durham (Heather is now a DA II)

Cindy S. (DATC II) -- Causey Family Dentistry in Graham (Cindy is now a DA II)

Taylor P. (DATC II) -- Advance Ortho and Perio in Durham and Roxboro, NC. (Taylor is now a DA II)

Brittany T. (DATC IV) -- Dr. Rosayln Crisp in Burlington, NC (Brittany is now a DA II)

Abbie P. (DATC V) -- Sunrise Dental in Chapel Hill, NC (Abbie is now a DA II)

Jean L. (DATC VI) -- Dr. Paul Byerly in Burlington, NC (Jean is now a DA II)

Mindi M. (DATC VI) -- Drs. Hershey & Heymann in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC (Mindi is now a DA II)

India A. (DATC VII) -- Dr. Bobby Mallik in Durham, NC 

Laura G. (DATC VII) -- Dr. Lazo in Danville, Va. 

Sarah J. (DATC VII) -- Dr. Carlish in Danville, Va. 

Hannah H. (DATC VII) -- Dr. Thane Hisaw (Children's Dentistry of Greensboro) in Greensboro, NC (Hannah is now a DA II)

Elizabeth B. (DATC IX) -- Davis Dental Clinic, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC

Madison C. (DATC X) -- Dentistry of the Carolinas in Charlotte, Gastonia, Kannapolis, Monroe and Statesville. (Madison is now a DA II)

Jamie W. (DATC X) -- Village Dental at Olde Raleigh in Raleigh, NC

Nathalie G. (DATC XI) -- Dr. Hong Chen in Durham, NC

Meagan H. (DATC XI) -- Dr. Paul Miller in Chatham, VA

Ashlee B. (DATC XI) -- Dr. Dempsey Smith in Durham and Mebane, NC

Jovanna M. (DATC XII) -- Dr. Rosalyn Crisp in Burlington, NC

Kristen H. (DATC XII) -- Dr. Mary Gaddis in Durham, NC

Karea N. (DATC XII) -- Studio Smile in Raleigh, NC

Nikki K. (DATC XII) -- Dr. Todd Grooms in Burlington, NC

Brittany D. (DATC XIII) -- Dr. Himi Saxena in Burlington, NC

Ashley A. (DATC XIII) -- Longleaf Dentistry in  Wake Forest, NC

Brandi N. (DATC XIII) -- Triad Smile Center in Greensboro, NC

Teresa W. (DATC XIII) -- Dr. Kary Dodd in Burlington, NC

Caitlin M. (DATC XIV) -- Dr. Dempsey Smith in Durham and Mebane, NC

Jessica G. (DATC XIV) -- Snyder Orthodontics in Danville and Martinsville, Va.

Jessica G. A. (DATC XIV) -- Dr. Kathryn Sudikoff in Charlotte, NC

Joni P. (DATC XIV) -- Danville Pediatric Dentistry in Danville, Va. 

Cassidy S. (DATC XV) -- Dr. Karen Barwick in Graham, NC

Janet G. (DATC XV) -- Dr. Karen Barwick in Graham, NC

Taylor C. (DATC XV) -- Drs. Mitchell and Bartlett in Greensboro and Kernersville, NC

Emily B. (DATC XV) -- Drs. Lane and Associates, Durham, NC

Samantha M. (DATC XVI) -- Dr. Kwang Kim in South Boston, Va.

Hannah W. (DATC XVI) -- Triangle Orthodontics in Durham, NC

Ashley K. (DATC XVI) -- Person Family Dental (Caswell County Office) in Yanceyville, NC

Danny M. (DATC XVI) -- Dr. Jody Wallace in Graham, NC

Lindsay M. (DATC XVI) -- Colfax Affordable Dentures (Dr. Lambeth)

Williams P. (DATC XVI) --McMillian Orthodontics (Dr. Alison McMillian) in Greensboro, NC

Casey B. (DATC XVI) -- Dr. Catherine Ray in Durham, NC

Cintia L. (DATC XVI) --  Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry in Morrisville, NC

Michelle E. (DATC XVI) -- Sunrise Dental in Durham, NC


If you have questions concerning the APPLICATION PROCESS, please call the office 336.223.6080 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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