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Final Exams Due at 8am

Final Instrument Exam

Clock Hours: Lecture 3 Labs 8

Competencies: Dental Operatory Preparation, Seat and Prepare Patients for Treatment, Tooth and Surface Identification, Hand washing, PPE (Personal protective Equipment), Mouth Rinse, Moisture Control (HVE, Cotton Roll, Rubber Dam, Dry Angle), Access and Visibility, Cotton Roll Isolation, Topical and Local Anesthesia, Instrument Identification and Transfer, Dismiss Patient After Treatment, Place and Remove Surface Barriers, Pre-clean and Disinfect Treatment Room

Tooth Identification, Charting and Dental Anatomy
Tray Setup and Assist with Amalgam, Composite, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontic Procedure
Final Impressions for Crown and Bridge, Provisional Restoration Fabrication and Cementation
Alginate Impressions on Classmates, Pour and Trim Models (Laboratory Technique and Safety) and Whitening Tray Fabrication (Fee for Whitener).