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2022 Orientation - Sessions 25 and 26








Session 25 and 26 Students

Are YOU Interested in a NEW CAREER?

2 Sessions in Spring, 2022

Our Faculty and Staff are pleased to announce that DATC will ONCE AGAIN have 2 Sessions in Spring, 2022.

DATC will become a HYBRID Program in 2022 with lectures being held LIVE Virtually on Tuesday evenings from 5:45 – 9 PM. After each three to four 3 hour lectures, the groups will meet in person on Fridays and/ or Saturdays for Clinical demonstrations and Competency Development. 

Session 25

ORIENTATION: Friday, January 7, 2022 3pm

Lectures each Tuesday evening beginning at 5;45 on January 18 through Tuesdays in May 2022. Clinical Demonstrations and Competency Development will follow each group of 3 – 4 lectures.

Session 25

ORIENTATION: Friday, January 7, 2022 5pm 3pm SATURDAY Session   8am until 5pm

Lectures each Tuesday evening beginning at 5;45 on January 18 through Tuesdays in May 2022. Clinical Demonstrations and Competency Development will follow each group of 3 – 4 lectures.

Orientation will consist of an introduction to Faculty and Staff, a tour of the facility and distribution of Course Materials, Syllabus and Supplies.

12 students per Session will learn ENTRY LEVEL Skills to become Dental Assistant I.

12 students per Session

“Our Team of Instructors, most of whom have been with us since the beginning of DATC, is thrilled to welcome 2 NEW groups of students. We pride ourselves on graduating students who are prepared for their First Job or their Forever Dental Home, with the understanding that they have just learned what’s at the TIP of the iceberg. We have a session that will be filled with interesting lectures, clinical rotations and Guest Speakers, many of which are DATC Graduates”, says Dr. Karen Barwick, Program Director.

Within 12 full day classes, the students will complete a Workbook of 29 Chapters, submit Resumes and Cover Letters and be tested at least 6 times including Midterm and Final Written and Identification Exams.

"Every Practice is Different."

Led by a Faculty with many years in the Dental Industry, we teach the Basics for entering the Dental Field with Confidence and open minds.

“Every practice is different. We will focus on the TEAM and PROFESSIONAL Aspects of the Dental Professional, as well as entry level skills to build a successful career”, says Dr. Karen Barwick, Program Director of DATC.

Each week, the students learn new skills that build upon the previous week. By the end of Week 12, each student has Entry Level Skills to use in obtaining that all important First Job!!!




The mission of the Dental Assistant Training Centers, Inc. is to provide students seeking entry into the field an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required of an entry level dental assistant through a relatively short, yet thorough and rigorous weekend program.

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How DATC Helps

DATC Will Help You Achieve This Goal! Become a Dental Assistant I (DAI) over 12 Friday or Saturday sessions.

  • Train in an actual dental office on state-of–the-art equipment.
  • Class size limited to 12 students for individualized hands-on instruction.
  • Train with Instructors who have many years of experience in Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene and Office Administration.
  • Rotate through Local Dental Offices to gain insight into the operations of General and Specialty Dental Practices.

What DATC Includes

DATC Training Includes Clinical Rotations which involves the following:

  • 30 Hours clinical rotations in more than 20 approved general dental and specialty practices.
  • Sit chair-side during actual procedures.
  • Networking improves job possibilities.

What DATC Prepares For

DATC Students Meet the NC Dental Board Requirements for:

  • Radiology
  • Sterilization and Infection Control
  • Dental Office Emergencies
  • CPR

Benefits of Dental Assisting

Job opportunities in Dental Assisting are growing rapidly, particularly in North Carolina. Aside from the availability of jobs, dental assisting pays well, and is focused on helping others. DATC will assist in resume and cover letter preparation and will provide letters of reference to qualified graduates.

Is Dental Assisting for You?

Do you want to be involved in the delivery of health care? Are you detail oriented? Do you enjoy working as a member of a team? Are you able to follow instructions? If so, Dental Assisting may be a good choice.

Are You Interested in a New Career?

Become a Dental Assistant Today!

Email Michelle for questions regarding rotation requirement, approved offices and completed hours

Email Tracey for questions regarding Health Forms

Email Dr. Barwick for questions regarding Attendance and tuition payments

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Dental Assistant I and Dental Assistant II
In North Carolina, there are two classifications for Dental Assistants (DAI and DAII.) North Carolina does NOT certify assistants. Classification is based on experience and/or training as listed below. It is up to the employer to verify an assistant's qualifications and determine if he/she is a DAI or DAII.

Education and Training Requirements
To be classified as a Dental Assistant II, an assistant shall meet one of the following
(1) completion of:
(a) an ADA-accredited dental assisting program and current certification in CPR; or
(b) one academic year or longer in an ADA-accredited dental hygiene program, and current certification in CPR; or
(2) completion of the Dental Assistant certification examination(s) administered by the Dental Assisting National Board and current certification in CPR; or

Education and Training Requirements (Cont'd)

(3) completion of:
(a) a 3-hour course in sterilization and infection control;
(b) a 3-hour course in dental office emergencies; and
(c) current certification in CPR.
(d) after completing Sub-Items (3)(b), (c), and (d) of this Rule, dental assistants may be trained in any dental delivery setting and allowed to perform the functions of a Dental Assistant II under the direct control and supervision of a licensed dentist, except as listed in Sub-Item 3(e) of this Rule.
(e) dental assistants may take radiographs after completing radiology training consistent with G.S. 90-29(c)(12).
(f) full-time employment and experience as a chairside assistant for two years (3,000 hours) of the preceding five, during which period the assistant may be trained in any dental delivery setting and allowed to perform the functions of a Dental Assistant II under the direct control and supervision of a licensed dentist.

Radiography Requirements
A certified dental assistant [(one who successfully completes the DANB exam (see (3) above)] or an assistant who completes an ADA-accredited dental assisting or dental hygiene program may take radiographs without further examination. All others, including those who move to North Carolina from out-of-state, must successfully pass an equivalency exam. This exam may be challenged after completing "seven hours of instruction in the production and use of dental x-rays and an education program of not less than seven hours in clinical dental radiology." You must be able to prove that you have the minimal amount of training to be eligible to take the radiology equivalency exam, or you may take a course prior to taking the exam. Any Board approved radiography course is acceptable and any approved course's final examination is recognized as the equivalency exam.

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